Niklas Breman




M.A. Music Composition. Luleå University and Royal Academy of Music. Stockholm 1992-1996. Specialiazation in Electro-Acoustic Music. Minor studies in Film Music and Scenography.


B.A. Instrumental and Ensemble Instruction. Piteå Music Academy 1987-1992.

Focus in composition. Minor in Cello.


Additional Certifications

Diploma. Montessori Teacher. Stockholm. 2001-2002.

Specialization in Music and Mathematics.


Diploma. Computer Network Administration. Stockholm 1998.


Professional Experience


Lilla Akademien Musik Gymnasium. 2003 – present.

Instructor in Composition and Harmony, Arrangement and Aesthetic Orientation. Also responsible for Music Theory and Knowledge of Repertoire, grade 7-9.


Montessori School, Tyresö. 1998-2003.

Music instructor and Choir Director. Composed children’s operas with original music written by myself and students. Responsible for administrative and teaching staff meetings and protocol.


Strand School, Tyresö. 1997-1998.

Music instructor.


Kulturama Music College. Stockholm. 1995-1997.

Instructor in Music Theory, Composition and Piano studio.